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Lambsey Reeves' expert opinion on all things skin care. Finally. A verbose blog.

(Blog to be read in a tone of sophistication and aplomb. Obviously.)

All hail Tatcha!

As a woman with rosacea (which causes skin-thickening, enlarged pores and pretty much constant redness) and sensitive skin, I am constantly on the lookout for products that will not infuriate my ill-tempered skin. A recent purchase of the following two products: The Tatcha Water Cream and the Tatcha Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser, has my mind officially blown.

While perusing the products in the Sephora checkout line, I added this sample set (see image above) to my basket at the last second (well played, Sephora) based on the sleek packaging (which I'm a slave to) and the fact that it is Japanese (I have a mild obsession with Japan). Anyway, despite basically being suckered into buying it (retail psychology), I began use straight away, and what a joy it has been!

The cleanser has gentle exfoliators that feel like bits of large sea salt, and the water cream feels exactly like you want it to. It's light and smooth and creates the sensation of giving your face a drink of water from a cool, clear, babbling brook. Immediately you feel as if you have plump, glowing, baby skin (reminiscent of the feeling I get after working out once, becoming sore all over and thinking "Oh wow! How ripped I must be!") Despite that "ripped" feeling being a grand illusion, after the third day of using Tatcha, I looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, my skin looks great today!" (not a common occurrence, as sufferers of Rosacea can attest). It was so soon after I had begun using the products, it took me a minute to attribute the glowing change to the products. I kid you not, after three days of use, my pores were visibly smaller and the redness was greatly diminished! My prescription rosacea medicine has done basically nothing over the course of a year and this shit worked in three days! Hallelujah! How glad I am of my whimsical purchase!

I have yet to use the rest of the Tatcha line dedicated to sensitive skin, but I am extremely excited and will keep you posted. Because the line is supposedly formulated based on ancient, geisha beauty secrets, I automatically trust it way more than I should, (but so far it is proving me right).

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the smell: perfectly lovely and light. Tatcha, you might have created a perfect product! I am over the moon!

Hip, hip, hooray!

The cost of the products are also pretty reasonable compared with most skin care lines offered today. The Deep Cleanse exfoliating facial cleanser is $38 for 5 oz and the Water Cream is $68 for 1.7 oz. Not bad at all, considering how well it works. Not to mention, Tatcha's philanthropic model funds girls' education in partnership with Room to Read with every skincare purchase, so you can further justify spending the money.

I give these products a shitsbomb, rating. What is this rating out of, you ask? Well, this being the first post, I suppose I should elaborate. My rating scale is as follows, from highest to lowest: 1. Shitsbomb 2. I'm into it 3. Deece 4. Pass 5. Hard pass

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