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Best lip balm of all time! For realzies.

Glorious day! I have discovered the greatest lip balm of all time! Bite, agave lip balm is officially second to none! 5 out 5, shitsbomb rating! It makes your lips so plump, and juicy, and delicious, you'll want to nibble on them (and so will everyone else)! The taste is perfection and the texture is like satin and velvet combined.

It comes in two forms, tube and pot. The tube (recently lowered from $18) is $14, and the pot is $22. Yes, it is a bit steep for a lip balm, but once you run this luscious formula over your lips, you'll have no problem with the price tag; You will however, have a problem keeping your mouth to yourself.

If you are only going to get one form, I recommend getting the pot. You'll get more product and because the formula is so extremely soft, its easier to control. That being said, it's worth having both so you can have them in your makeup bag, the center console of your car, in your pocket, and on your bedside table. Aaaaaand, beside it being the most perfect feeling lip balm ever, its clean, vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. Hooray! (Oh yeah! For the next level experience, use the agave weekly lip scrub before you use the balm. Drool.) Thanks, Bite!


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